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I'm Sharifah Allen. Founder of Allen Estates and long time Nurse.


In 2019 I did something great! I transitioned from a nurse to a real estate entrepreneur.


If you're reading this, then you are witnessing proof that I'm currently manifesting that transition. I've always been driven and organized and determined to grow and become the best version of myself...Especially to be a great example to my daughter LaShay and family.


And since I've always had a passion and interest in travel real estate style and interior design, this business was the perfect opportunity to mesh those passions into a way of creating a lifestyle and legacy of freedom, good business, and service for myself and those close to me.


I hope you enjoy working with me or learning from me as I embark on this journey and offer my contribution to the world of real estate.

My Services
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My Services

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Market your rental space and or Airbnb to increase your SEO with both quality and quantity clients here with Allen Estates.

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Whether you're looking for a short or long term stay, Allen Estates has something for you with spacious apartments and updated amenities. Let Allen Estates be your next place to call home.

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Allen Estate

8 the Green, Suite F

Dover, DE 19901

Tel: 302.496.7250

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